Bone Picking - Angela Ahrendts
2017-08-10 18:12:17

The 60+ Million dollar woman - at least that's what she got as a signing bonus. But what has she actually done to deserve this money. Has she improved retail sales? Has she improved the life or incomes of Apple Retail employees?

While Apple has raised the hourly wage of those in the stores, it's still way below what it should be. While fast food workers in the US have complained and in some cases been able to achieve a $15 / hour minimum wage, that is also the wage that Apple thinks its Specialists should receive.

For a retail employee in the US, $15 / hour is at least somewhat livable, but nowhere near commensurate to what they have to know. They have to know not only the specs for every product (that change every year thanks to Apple's lack of innovation beyond replacement) but they have to be able to demonstrate the product and several other software applications that Apple enjoys showing off. You may really love Apple and be a complete fanboi for their products, but if you want an easy job for the same pay, just learn six simple words - "Would you like chips with that?" Or in the US, "Would you like fries with that?".

For someone who received a $60 million plus dollar bonus just for going to work for Apple, we bet she would be completely unable to do even half what the typical Mac Specialist does in a day's time. She would probably also fall off her heals after standing all day with few to no breaks other than a meal break.

If Angela actually cared about the retail employees that she's supposed to be in charge of, she would take that $60 million and distribute it to every retail employee below the store manager level; to the people that actually bust their arses off every day so that she looks good on a spreadsheet. At the very least she should at least one day a month in a store doing what every other Mac Specialist does with no special treatment. Sadly, the last part is impossible as every store manager would go out of their way to kiss her arse and give her breaks every hour and put her with easy customers or let he take time to sit in the managers office to check her email just in case Tim needed something.

We’re not sure who should be more ashamed of themselves - Angela or the board of directors. Angela makes about $1.5 million / year just in dividends from her stock awards. That’s 48 times more than the a Specialist making $15 / hour. And that’s just her dividends, that doesn’t even take into account her salary and any other bonus that the board stupidly gives her.

Was the board desparate after the John Browett debacle? Were they pushed to place a woman in top management fast that they paid whatever it took? Either way, Apple should be ashamed for spending so much of stockholders money on so few. These people are paid way to much for the little that they do. So next time you complain at how expensive Apple products are, just remember that the person selling it to you, sees very little of that money.