Enough of X, How about an XI?
2017-09-13 12:40:37

Yesterday Apple announced a new iPhone - the iPhone X and it shows the complete lack of imagination that the companies marketing department has. X, 10 or Ten how ever you want to write or pronounce it - we're tired of it. It's now a worn-out cliche of everything being 10. We want to know when Apple is going to 'crank it up to Eleven'.

We've mentioned before the overuse of 'X' or ten in their software products, and sadly the company continues to use it, now for hardware. Having said that, we understand that this year is the 10th anniversary of original iPhone being announced and released, but is that reason enough to skip over '9'. What did the number 9 ever do to Apple to be treated with such disregard in this situation?

We have Quicktime X, Final Cut X, OS X, and now the iPhone X. For a company that won't even allow Adult content in their App, Book and iTunes stores, they sure use a lot of X's in their product names.

So where does this leave future iPhones? Will there actually be an iPhone 11, or maybe Apple will just stay at X / 10 and the next iPhone will be the 'iPhone X version 10.1' similar to their software naming strategy.

To add to the naming / numbering confusion there is iOS. How come iOS got to go to 11? Why wasn't it forced to stick at 'X'? Maybe iOS 11 is secretly iOS 10.11 and has always been 'X' since it is a branch of OS X.

Apple likes to talk about how innovative their boffins are - so we have a question for them: When do we get to see OS XI? When are you going to do something innovative again with the OS and 'crank it to 11'? In 10 (X) years time, are we going to be using OS 10.23?

We would expect stupid naming shite like this from Microsoft, but Apple, you are supposed to be 'innovative'. Instead it seems like all you can do is come up with stupid features (animoji's anyone?) to add to the software. Maybe for that reason, nothing deserves to be an 11. Is Apple now incapable of actually coming up with software or hardware that can actually be better than a '10'?