Mac Amateur
2017-04-05 14:18:15

Because Apple has performed a very public mea culpa in regards to this computer, we will hold our remarks until they have truly replaced it. Will the new computer be able to once again take the mantle of Mac Pro or will it continue as the second generation Mac Amateur?

But, in all seriousness - what were the C-Suite occupants thinking with this computer: "Let's take all the expandability and upgradeability out of the computer so that we can make smaller version of it. Nobody will notice.". Who actually thought that was a good idea? More importantly, why did it take so long for them to figure out that it was a bad idea?

With the Mac Amateur / 'Death Star Trashcan', Apple seems to have thrown this at the designers and said "Design the coolest computer you can think of - don't worry about features and capabilities". Rolls Royce could build a car the size of the Mini Cooper, but can you really call it a Rolls Royce at that point. No, you can't.

The Mac Amateur is a very nice looking computer, just like the Mac Cube was in its day. The cube was innovative - everything except the power supply in that small lucite cube. But Apple was smart enough at the time to not even think about suggesting that it was a replacement for the PowerMac models.

We'll put together a list of what we think is wrong with the computer in a future post and what needs to be included to once again be worthy of the title "Mac Pro".