2017-07-27 18:12:38

I bought an iPod when they were first announced, not even having a real purpose for it. It actually took months before even understanding what it could be used for and how useful it was. It was just a cool thing that Apple created so I had to have one.

Over the years I've owned several iPods but currently I rely upon just two. I have a 2nd gen Nano that I use when I travel, and a 160 GB Classic that stays in the car. The nano carries a smaller set of the music library that has enough to enjoy on flights etc. With the Classic carrying my entire library. The problem is, the Classic is no longer made and when it fails I will have very few options of having my entire library in the car. Very few options is actually only one - the iPod Touch.

While price per gigabyte is better on the Touch, what Apple really needs to offer for people like me is a 128 - 256 GB version of the Shuffle (Shuffle Pro???). It doesn't need a screen, just needs to have a large capacity that can connect via USB to my car and allow me to access playlists / albums etc.

Prices for the Touch have come down and are more reasonable for the capacity - they still offer more features that are needed. The iPhone has replaced the Touch as a product for the features installed. Yes, I could plug my iPhone in whenever I hop in the car, but I'm lazy. Why have to pull my iPhone out of its case and plug into my car just to listen to music. I could also stream music over Bluetooth from the iPhone, but if you're ever listened to the quality offered you would know why that's not an option.

While the Touch is a nice iPod, it has a lot of features that people like me don’t need. I don’t need wireless, or the camera, or the A8 chip, or the big screen. As much as we rag on the iPod Shuffle, something larger would be perfect for vehicles. A 128 - 256GB shuffle. It would be small making it easy to plug in and stash in your cars pocket. Ship with a 6” - 12” USB cable, no ear buds and it would be perfect.