Bone Picking - Phil Schiller
2017-08-10 14:40:33

"Can't innovate anymore, my ass". These words were in regard to the 2013 Mac Pro (also known here as) the Mac Amateur, a machine that eliminated all the features of the previous Mac Pro and PowerMac lines, just to create a tiny, beautiful computer in their place.

Calling the Mac Amateur an 'innovation' would be like Rolls Royce creating a car the size of Mini Cooper or Fiat 500 and calling it an innovation. 'If we take out the umbrella holder, champagne fridge, seat massagers, self-leveling wheel logos, the comfortable backseat and take off The Spirit of Ecstasy because it takes up too much bonnet space, we could have a really innovative car.'

Where's the innovation Phil? The engineers made the computer smaller by taking the features that most people liked about the Mac Pro out. Is it pretty? Yes. Is it a functional replacement worthy of the Mac Pro name? Hell no. As we've discussed before, the Mac Cube was innovative. It had a CD / DVD drive, a 3.5" HD, upgradeable RAM, potentially upgradeable graphics card. It wasn't an iMac and it wasn't a Power Mac replacement.

The phrases "Read my lips, no new taxes", "I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman" and 'unsinkable Titanic' should be joined in posterity by Schiller's words. In our opinion, the Mac Amateur is a complete piece of shite that once again proves that C-Suite millionaires and marketing people should not have the final say in most products.