Damned if you do...
2018-01-14 18:19:07

A lot has been written lately in both Apple related sites and traditional news sites about Apple slowing down older iPhones to conserve their battery.

We wanted to add a different voice to this argument… SDASTFU.

First: We are the penultamate website to come to Apple’s defense (the last being theregister.co.uk), but defending them we are.

Apple has stated that it wants to bring the best products to people’s hands. They strive to provide users with secure platforms from which to conduct daily business. So it only seems normal that they would try and provide a phone that would give users as much battery time as possible, sacrificing speed.

This is sadly the quintessential ‘Catch 22’ - Apple is damned by users for degrading performance to preserve battery life. If Apple had done nothing, you can bet there would be just as many class-action suits charging that the company was purposely killing battery life by updating their iPhones and / or adding features that pulled more power that older models couldn’t necessarily provide.

To both camps: Sit down and SHUT the FUCK UP. To reiterate: SHUT the FUCK UP.

You are lazy, greedy american bastards who just think that you deserve a quick buck because batteries die and you want compensation for that. To hell with you.

Only in America would people find a stupid reason to sue a company and try to gain a bob for themselves. Give Americans a chance to sue and they take it. Give American solicitors (ambulance chasers) a bigger payday. To those suing and those filing suit, you are not worthy to draw breath in our minds.

This is an example of a company trying to provide their users with the best experience (in their minds) possible and the ignorant Americans revolting. To our cousins across the channel - you’re no better.

If people really wanted to sue for a reason - they should complain that Apple continually upgrades the hardware - forcing users to buy new hardware to gain the new features that Apple boffins have come up with. Why can’t Apple come up with hardware that can support new features or hardware that is easier / cheaper / less environment damaging to upgrade. If Apple truly wanted to provide the best for users, then why do they come out with new iPhone hardware, like clockwork, each year? Apple only cares about selling you something new, not about making a product that will be the best for several years.

There are definite reasons to take Apple down a peg or two - but trying to improve battery life on older devices isn’t one of them.

If you believe that Apple shouldn’t try to keep your device working its longest, we can only say SDASTFU.