iPhone sales are down - Duh
2019-01-06 10:24:42

It really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that iPhone sales have been decreasing. How many years does Tim & gang think that people are going to keep upgrading before enthusiasm wains? The iPod went through a similar decline due mostly to saturation, but also a lack of new features to keep people buying and upgrading.

The sad reality is that Apple is failing to provide necessary features to the iPhone that would justify an annual update; much less multiple models. The iPhone as been around for almost 12 years and there is only so much that you can do to to continue to make it relevant. Add RAM, increase CPU the speed, increase the screen size and/or resolution and improve the camera optics. The first ones on the list are expected for any electronic device, but don't justify the need to upgrade every year. Instead this relegates the iPhone to a device that gets upgraded as often as your computer.

Our more contemporary pundits put the blame for the iPhone's sales decline on the price creep that seems to have infected the device. In 2013, the entry level iPhone 6 cost $649 USD with the top line running $849. Now the XS starts at $999 and goes up to $1349 USD.

Quicktake XS & XR?

The only thing that Apple has found to be upgrade on a regular basis is the camera. The resolution increases and the quality improves each year.

Remember when Steve announced the iPhone - he called it an iPod, a phone and an internet device. If Steve had to reintroduce the iPhone today, he would call it a camera, an internet device and a phone.

You will be forgiven if you don't remember the early 90's when Apple first got into digital photography. Apple began work in the '92 and by 1994 they release their first camera - the QuickTake 100 which was capable of taking photos at 640x480 resolution. Was the QuickTake prescient or what. Apple had the idea of digital photography almost 15 years before it stated to take off with the iPhone. And don't get us started about the Newton and iPad / iPhone.

What started out as a phone that takes pictures has now turned into a camera that sends texts. Apple spends more time improving the camera than anything else on the iPhone. Maybe Apple should consider rebranding the iPhone as the QuickTake or ... the iCamera? Say it with us, it's a camera, an internet device and a phone.

Never have a camera when you need one

When camera's where large bulky devices that used film the only people regularly seen with one walking on the high-street or along the Thames were obviously a tourist.

Now every bloody person on the planet has one in their pocket, taking selfies with their afternoon tea, friends at the pub etc. No one cares. We have become a society that seems hell-bent on visually documenting everything and anything. The life moments when you wished you had a camera are now long gone. No longer to you need to worry if you have film in the camera, are the batteries in it and the flash any good. Just grab your damn phone out of your pocket or purse. <facepalm>

Don't get us wrong, people are taking some really nice photos with their phones, but when the camera features out-number the phone features, we think it's time to rebrand the device. One last time, it's a camera, an internet device and a phone.