Who cares where it's made? Just ship the damn thing!
2019-09-27 14:42:29

Enough is enough, we have been waiting for this machine for years and we continue to wait. Ever since 2013, we've been waiting for a computer that was actually worthy of the name Mac Pro. In 2017 we were finally teased with the acknowledgement that the Trashcan had been a mistake and there would be an actual Mac 'Pro'.

In the two years since then we have been patiently waiting. In June when the Mac Pro was finally shown to the world we were glad to see what Apple had put together and started searching for whatever extra couch pennies we could find to buy one.

While Apple's usual September event is focused around the phones, we waiting, hoping that the order and ship dates for the Mac Pro would be announced. Nope. Nada. Crickets. Fall has begun, September is almost gone and still no word on when we might actually be able to get our waxy hands on one of these things.

Instead the only thing that we've heard is that it will in fact be made in the Americas; instead of China. Who the bloody well cares! News is that because of the tariff exemptions that Apple has received on manufactured parts coming from China, they will be able to assemble the Mac Pro in Texas.

Here's the problem with this whole story. You don't just wake up one morning and say - 'Let's start building the Mac Pro in Texas tomorrow'. This goes for any mass produced item that requires individual pieces from all over the world. At the ver least, there are logistical, tooling and personnel issues that all have to be worked out. Getting all the parts manufactured all over the world in one place for final assembly takes time. So this means that either we are going to have to continue waiting for another 2-3 months before we see Mac Pro's or this has been Apples intent all along.

Let's start with the former. If in fact the move to assemble in Texas is a new development, that probably means that users won't see any Mac Pro's before the American Thanksgiving holiday (end of November). That gives Apple two months to get their logistics worked out, tooling setup and workers trained on the assembly process.

If in fact, it's the latter, then why is everyone making a big deal about this? Yes, it's going to be made in Texas. Big deal, move along, nothing to see here. This is the best case scenario because it means that Apple all this time has been working on plans for a Texas assembly and have ready to go. That could mean that our wait is soon to be over.

As much as we would like to hope for the latter, the former is more likely the reality. If Apple had intended to assemble the Mac Pro in Texas all along we would expect to have firm dates on ordering and shipping by now. Since Apple has not made any announcements on when pre-orders would begin for the Mac Pro, we can only assume that Apple has not been exactly sure where assembly would take place and may only now be scrambling to get the pieces put together - so to speak. This does not particularly bode well for the CEO Tim Cook. You see, Tim used to be COO of the company and was responsible for making sure that things happened when and where they were supposed to happen. Tim apparently didn't train his replacement well.

Tariffs or not, Apple should have been prepared and ready to go by now. Did they intend to assemble in China and are now moving to the Americas in order to gather favor with their countries president? We hear that's the thing to do now.

No matter what, we still continue to wait. The question now is how much longer do we have to wait? If Apple is in fact scrambling to get Texas up and running, our best educated guess is that there might be shiny Mac Pro's under the Christmas tree, but probably not much sooner.

The Mac Pro has been a major foobar since the Trashcan ever hit someone's piece of paper, and even though Apple seems to be on the right track finally with the hardware aspect, they continue to fall behind. If the Mac Pro saw iPhone like sales, you can bet employees would be assembling them in the hallways to make sure that they got to customers. Apple continues to show that it really doesn't care about the hard-core, heavy-duty, pro consumers.

Hey Tim, get off your lazy arse, hire whomever you need (you have our permission), pay for the overtime out of the stock bonuses you continually get awarded and get the damn thing put together, in boxes and in users hands. Now.